Because I Love You
Because I Love You


Winner for best director. World Puppet Carnival in Almaty Kazaksthan, September 2011

Winner for best original show. Puppet carnival in Łódź Poland, September 2016

Winner for best acting duet . Baltic PuppetWhirl international festival in Vyborg Russia, September 2019



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Because i Love you

                             A perfect starter for the party/festival.



Alfred has been abandoned by his girl friend Rose, and is now sitting alone missing her…What went wrong?

Maybe he did not said he loved her often enough ? maybe he should have done more  bodyfitness to impress her…use a better perfume… become more macho…???

love is a mystery …

But, when you least expect it so, it might be a random event that makes the lovechrises change….(?)

Because I love you. perfect for private parties, birthday celebrations , weddings and any cultural evening.

Created after an ide by Roque Jimenez Palacios

Puppet Players: Roque Jimenez Palacios and Kjersti Iversen

Puppetmaker: Kjersti

Directed by Kjersti and Roque 

Max audience 80

Age.Youth and adults...

Technical data: Duration 40 min. 

Scene minimum 3x3 meters. Dark room.

Performance (almost) without words. Few words in English. Rich sound and hot music. 2 puppet players a table and a doll. Flirty game between puppeteer and puppet, almost on the edge.

You will see detailed puppet animation seasoned with lots of humor and features . The audience feels sure left in this tragic comedy and will for shure have a good time  with cheeky Alfi and his lovechrash…

Suitable for all occasions, especially for the party and festival.

About the show:

The performance gives reflections on universal human problems that everyone can be relate to. Scene is prepared in a mimic language without words. Puppet actions are supported by the music, sound and props that make up the complete picture of the scenes. The project presents a mix of acting and puppetry in cabaret theater flirty style. The audience will get to experience that puppetry is an artictic theater which also has validity and appeal to the adults.

The audwill certainly recognize themselves in the preparation of the charming character Alfi and his inner conflicts linked to love.

Produced by Skromlehjulet  Figurteater in 2011.with support from Stavanger kommune


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