About us, festivals and awards

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 Skromlehjulet Figurteater. Established in 1996.

Skromlehjulet is one of the few existing Free Theaters in Rogaland/Norway with special expertise in Puppet Theatre/figure theatre. We have performed in the cultural school bag around the country, DNS in Bergen, kindergartens, institutions, private parties. National and international festivals. Skromlehjulet Figurteater has won several awards for its skills and is invited to festivals around the world. We work with visual theatrical expression where acting and puppet animation together with light, sound, music and images are central. well-known text that we dramatize, process and transform into theatre.


The Skromlehjulet currently consists of these permanent members:

Liv Kjersti Iversen: Puppeteer and puppet maker and actress.

Roque Rimenez Palacios: Puppeteer, director.

Kjell Kåre Helgeland: Director and artistic director.

Torbjørn Grindheim: Musician and guitarist and actor.


International prices:

2006 Lomza International Theater Festival, Poland. Special price for Peepshow. Awarded by UniaTeatr Niemozliwy.Warsaw.


2011.1st World puppet festival of Kazakhstan. Almaty. Award for best direction with the performance "Because I love you".


2014.World puppet Carnival .Bangkok.Thailand. Diploma for Best traditional songs with the performance "Jeg en tur på stien".


2016. Animart world Puppet Carnival in Lodz (Poland) 2016. Main prize for best original show. "Because I love you"

 2019 Baltic Puppet wierl International puppet festival Vyborg (Russia). Main prize for »Best acting duet« »Because I love you»

Skromlehjulet Figurteater has participated in these international festivals:

Kristiansand international figure theater festival at Agder theatre. 2004.

Silkeborg International Figure Theater Festival. Denmark 2005.

Barents Sea International Puppet Theater Festival. Petrozavotsk, Russia 2006.

Lomza International Theater Festival. Poland 2006.

Porsgrunn International Theater Festival PIT. Norway 2001, 2008, 2009.

World festival of puppet art In Prague May 2009.

UniaTeatr Niemozliwy, international festival, Warsaw and Kwidzyn Oct 2010.

World puppet art in Prague. Jury.2010 .

 Greece . Kilkis festival of experimental theater 2010.

1 st World puppet Carnival festival in Almaty, Kazakhstan 2011.

UniaTeatr Niemozliwy, international festival, Warsaw 2012

 Free Figure international festival, Oslo 2013

World puppet carnival, Thailand. Bangkok 2014. . Winner for Best Traditional Show.

Anim art puppet festival Poland, Lodz Oct 2016. Winner of the award for best original show. Nominated for Best Animation

Zagreb international puppet festival PIF Oct 2017.

Baltic Puppet whierl international festival. Vyborg/Russia 2019. Winner of the main prize for best "Acting duet"